Calorie Counter Series

We all enjoy our tasty foods every now and then but how many calories are actually in these foods? We've worked out how far we have to run/walk to burn off the number of calories in four of our favourite foods! We know a medal is a little different than the real thing but you'll receive these awesome pieces of bling upon completing the required distances.

The Challenge

We have chosen four types of delicious foods that we all love to hate! Beginning with the fewest calories, we have a tub of ice cream. You will need to accumulate 16km to be triumphant in burning off the 1,280kcals for this treat! Next up is 34km to burn off 2,700kcals inside a full 10" pan pizza. Moving on, you will need to run or walk a combined 45km to earn your 3,600kcals 12 pack of donuts. Finally, accumulate 56km to cover the 4,500kcals of an eight piece chocolate fudge cake! Will you earn these treats?

The Rewards

Each event (treat) comes with its own medal of achievement. All of the medals look absolutely delicious but please do not try to eat them! On the back of each medal, it states the number of calories of the food and also the distance you ran. These are perfect to showcase on your wall hanger.

Calorie Counter events

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