Rugby World Cup

Sep, 20 2019 00:00 — Nov, 2 2019 23:59

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The Event

The men's Rugby World Cup begins on September 20th and runs for six weeks. There will be 48 matches in all to determine the winner. Therefore, it is your job to run 1km per match for the first tier of the event. If you'd like to push yourself a bit more, why not choose double that target distance or even triple?! With 48km, 96km or 144km, there is a great target for you to make sure you get out running and don't just sit on the sofa watching all the games! This is an accumulation event so you can run your chosen distance in as many runs as you like between the dates of the World Cup.

The Reward

As this World Cup is being hosted by Japan, we have gone for a fully Japanese style with lots of red and white. A snowy Mount Fuji is the back drop with a rugby player in traditional Japanese clothing in the foreground. No matter which distance you chose you will receive a gold-plated medal, as you are all winners during this World Cup!

The Charity

We have chosen Wooden Spoon as our charity for this event.Wooden Spoon is a children's charity for the participation of rugby. They encourage all children from all backgrounds and cultures to play rugby, aiming specifically at the disadvantaged. Charities like Wooden Spoon can drastically change the futures of so many children as they learn skills such as teamwork, leadership and compassion as well as having some much-earned fun.

The Prizes

For this Challenge event, we will be giving away prize boxes for the three users who accumulate the most donations along with having a lucky draw. All runners who complete the challenge will be entered into the draw and we will select 10% (or rounded up) of the names from the hat. Therefore, everyone will have a 1 in 10 chance of winning!

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