Run The Continents Series

Here, we have a seven part series for you. Take yourself around the globe and run through around all seven (including Antarctica) continents. These events are for you to accumulate the required distance in as many runs/walks as you need, at your own pace and location (no, you don't have to actually go to each continent!).

The Challenge

The distance that you must accumulate for each medal is based on the land area of each continent. For example, Europe has an area of 10.2million square km so you will need to run/walk a total of 102km to complete the Europe event.

Please note that if you sign up to multiple 'Open' style events at once, your activities will only sync to one of them. This is to motivate you to keep pushing further and further to achieve your goal!

The Rewards

Each medal is in the shape of the event continent. Within each medal, you will find several 3D moulds of iconic buildings/animals/items from that continent all in the location they would be seen.

This will help you with your next Geography test, too! Each continent has its own colour scheme and also shows a star for each capital city.

Available RTC events

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