The Wonders of the World

Join us in travelling the world to find some of the most beautiful, exotic and incredible natural places that this planet has to offer. You can join any of these events whenever you wish and can complete them in your own time and place. Can you complete all 12 to conquer the world?

The Challenge

This series was Run For The World's original monthly 'Challenge' series. We have now released all of the events as 'Open' style so you can complete them in your own time. You will need to push yourself to run either 30km, 100km or 200km to earn each wonder-themed medal. All run/walk activities will go towards your total until you reach your target.

The distance that you choose will provide you with a bronze, silver or gold version of the medal so it's up to you which target to go for. Please note that your run/walks will only sync to one 'Open' style event so you can line them up ready to complete them all.

The Rewards

Each individual medal has its own Wonder of the World, however they all flow into the next to create a beautiful jigsaw design. The two middle pieces are made with a detachable ribbon so all pieces of the jigsaw will fit together nicely.

The design is such that, from left to right, the columns are wonders of ice/snow, water, greenery and plains, whilst the rows are based on height from sea level.

WotW events

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